I LOVE to travel.  When I was younger, I would plan pretend tropical vacations just for fun. I have helped many a friend with their honeymoons.Thankfully James loves to travel as much, if not more than I do. Traveling is one of those things we both agreed when dating would be a priority in our marriage.  It is something we talk about, plan, and look forward to. We have gone on some wonderful trips together and have many many more planned. Now that we are in a more family season of life, our trips have to be a bit more practical in duration and value. I feel so blessed that I have already seen and experienced as much as I have!

Here are some of my favorites so far (in random order because it would be too hard to rank):
bareboating in the BVIs:

such a great group of friends! We graduated from Auburn and then drove straight to Atlanta to begin this trip for graduation...
 Rappelling in Utah with mom

 Anguilla with James:
Maunday's Bay, pure perfection

Ancient city of Kyoto in Japan:
We were on a foreign exchange program in dental school

    Missions in South Africa:
nothing like a South African sunset

 San Fran and Napa/Sonoma: (I think James and I would go here yearly if possible)

 Orange Beach:
I probably have some of the best childhood to adult memories here: learning to ski on Cotton Bayou, snapper fishing in the Gulf, sunset cocktail cruises, lazy beach days, lunch by boat at Sunset Grille, maybe the occasional Flora-Bama bushwhacker AHHHH, I am ready for summer!!

Other favorites with no pictures:
Belize: Ambergris Cay specifically, best snorkeling ever!
Prague: such amazing history and beautiful architecture
Italy: riding through the Tuscan countryside, bartering in the markets in Florence, eating amazing food, visiting the Vatican, the uniqueness that is Venice

Now here is the never ending list that James and I are constantly updating, discussing, and day dreaming about:
Hello gorgeous water! 
specifically Kauai

Costa Rica to sports fish
A marlin for me, yes please!

New Zealand
Telluride, Colorado (this was my favorite skiing trip we took when I was younger, and one day I want us all to go back with the kiddos

If you are still reading, thanks for reminiscing and "playing pretend"as my sister and I call it...
Where were some of your favorite trips taken? What is on your bucket list for traveling? I am always looking for some more great ideas!!


jana said...

Great post! I want to take each and every trip you pictured. And...how about you and friends rockin' the bikinis!!

Julie said...

Love this post! We do the same thing;)

Of all the places we have been...London still has my heart (and we may move there if we get the chance!)

Still wanting to do...a couple of weeks in Spain would be nice!!

Miss y'all!

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

I love all of those places! And I second Jana, y'all look great rockin' those bikinis! I just tagged you on my blog- go see it...