This one year old is definitely figuring things out...
He loves remotes and changes the channels constantly. 

Half the time he can't quite get it where he wants it

He is also walking when he feels like it. He takes about five steps and then sits and crawls. I do believe  walking will be his primary mode of transportation in a week or so. 

He has figured out how to turn off the oven.  

See above

This makes for fun times when I am trying to get dinner ready, or honestly when I am baking because that is pretty much the extent of my cooking these days.

He gets so proud of himself. At least he doesn't know how to turn it on yet....

He also loves to sit on the top of the dishwasher. 

Such a helper, HA! 


Caroline Bobo said...

What a little stinker!! This could get interesting! So excited he is walking :) yay!!

Angie said...

I canNOT believe how much he is changing into a little boy so so fast! Darling pics! xo