So most of you know, my brother is the Executive Chef at Standard Bistro in Mt. Laurel. He is sooo talented. He brings together fresh ingredients with a unique flair that just taste SO good. The menu changes frequently so I look forward to all of his new creations each time we go. The funny thing is growing up, I had no idea that God had given him this amazing talent and passion. He was always outside throwing the football or hunting, so it still amazes me that the creativity and executer of each delicious dish is my big brother. So if you get a chance to go, I promise you won't regret it!

The last time we were there right before Christmas

With Molly and Rich

Sorry I was so busy eating, I forgot to take pictures until it was all gone!!

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Yay Mac!! We want to go sometime!!!! Love the blog pic of Molly and Rich! very cute :)