Friday Favorites

Thought I might start a weekly "themed" post...Friday Favorites, a wrap up of a few things I have been enjoying this week (in no particular order)...

1. Dog Book, by the Dog Whisperer (thanks Michael!)

2. The Faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob... James and I are reading through the Bible together in the mornings, and this week we have been inspired by their FAITH. Read Genesis Ch. 10 through Exodus

3. Craisins...Yum! Been putting them in everything... scones, snack mix and cereal

4. Barefoot Dreams Blanket, sooo soft and cozy. We received this from the Remmerts as a wedding present, and with all of the cold weather, I have been loving it!

5. My sneaky puppy, He knows he is NOT allowed on the bed, but while I was resting, he decided he would too


Patricia said...

Hey Rayne,
You have the cutest puppy! My pup loves to lay in the bed and take naps with me...even though he really isn;t supposed to either!

I love reading your blog! It's really cute!

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

R ya'll doing the Radical Experiment with Brookhills? That is what we are doing..reading thru the Bible in a year!! Whoo hoo!! so exciting we are all doing it together. We have been readingin Gen about Abraham as well. All sooo good. we really are soaking up the details!!