Friday Favs

1. Maisy Dobbs, great mystery books set in London in 1920-30s
Thanks to my sister, I am hooked. I am on the fourth one.

2. Wednesday Night Church, We just started going, and realized we had definitely been missing out!

3. Modern Family...has anyone else watched this? James and I watched it a few times, pretty funny

4. J Edwards Lip Gloss (thanks Lacey)

5. Chocolate covered pretzels, started at the roost this past weekend when mom had them as a snack. I decided to make my own this week, big mistake. I have been eating them as a snack, dessert, or anytime I walk in the kitchen and see them. I used Ghirardelli melting chocolate, which made the process easy and delicious


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Yay for Friday posts! I was wondering if you were going to post!! I LOVE chocolate covered pretzels. Steven made them for me one time while dating and ever since that is his treat he like to do for me. He doesn't use Ghirardelli (wow..spelling on that is hard) but I know that is awesome!!

jana said...

Learning to check here when I am wondering what you are up to. As always, loved your post. I have a new DELISH chocolate cake receipe you must try - will scan/email receipe tomorrow. PG still sick - going to the doctor in the morning...voluntarily no less!! I'll keep you posted. Love much, jg