Way Behind!

I am working on getting all of our holiday pictures downloaded, organized, and stored. I love the new camera, but the software is not very compatible with my 2003 Mac PowerBook. Apparently 7 years in the computer world makes it ancient. Sad...For now, I will share a couple of pictures from this past weekend at "The Roost" (yes, renamed from The Ridge).
We had a wonderful Christmas in Moulton, and I have lots of great pics from that, so I will share those soon. In the meantime...

Dance Party into the New Year

Hard to believe she is only two

Loves her "Uncle Ames"

Pal and Sam, just swingin'

Lots more to come!

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

oohhh!!! I can't wait to go there!! How relaxing does that look?!!! Sam and Fair are the cutest kids ever. The sleeping porch is calling my name. look forward to Moulton pics.