Amos Update

Amos is now almost 5 months old. He has become a beloved part of our family. He is house-broken (well besides the occasional accident), and has a good grasp of the commands, "Sit", "Stay", Lay Down", Shake", and "Fetch". He is not into "Releasing" into your hand anything he brings back however. We are also working on him not jumping up to greet someone. He LOVES meeting new people and new dogs. He has not figured out why everyone does not love him back. He is getting better on biting, just when he gets excited and is playing. He is really a momma's boy, and follows me everywhere. He loves sitting in the kitchen at my feet while I cook dinner, hoping to catch any crumbs. He definitely respects James more, and follows his commands readily. James says I give in to easily, and is probably right. Puppy dog eyes get me everytime.


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Love AMOS!! He is growing too! so big! Glad he is startng to learn and obey! such a good dog!

Abbie Tucker said...

great pic of Amos and Buddy! What a little man! He and Ranger need to play soon.