Moulton Weekend and the Fair

We had a wonderful weekend in North Alabama last weekend. We celebrated James's 30th bday early (it is next week), and Holden met his great-grandparents. 
nothing like Ashley Mac's Strawberry cake, Lane was pumped too

Holden getting his bottle from Uncle Michael

Holden loved Mamaw

Lane loved the vintage rocking horse

 We played with bubbles in the early am:

 he tried to eat them
sweet bed head (he might get this from me)

This week is fair week in Selma, which is a big deal for a small town. I was a little nervous that Lane was a little too young, and the carnies would scare him. I was very wrong. He LOVED it!

 riding with Fair and Jane

with his future girlfriends, Maggie and Milly

at our booth

At last but not least we have a baby that SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!

The key: double swaddle
He has been breaking out of the miracle blanket (which I have loved) and waking up. Once he is up, I have not been able to get him back to sleep without feeding. Remembering my SIL Lacey's double swaddle technique,  we (mom my assistant problem solver) tried it....he has been going down now at 6:30 with a dream feed at 10:00ish and sleeping until 6-6:30, swaddled tight. 


Lacey said...

whoo hoo! Your mom called today and told me! Ford was swaddled like that for awhile! I did it until he broke out of it himself. And, I'll have to give credit to Lindsay for showing ME that...

Caroline Bobo said...

Love the visit ya'll had in Moulton! Seriously the cutest thing to see Lane trying to eat the bubbles :) I thought the same about his bed head!!heehee! Gotta love the Selma Fair..truly nothing like it! So glad Holden is sleeping thru the night...I might be a wee bit jealous of this at this point ;) We have found that little Miss Ella Kate doesn't like to be swaddled...she wants her arms out and sleeps so much better! go figure!