War Eagle Anyway

This past weekend we headed to Auburn to celebrate a friend's baby and cheer on the Tigers. 

Emily is due with Tyler in beginning of December. She is such a cute preggo, it is hard to tell which one she is huh?!

Saturday of us squirrels (AGDs) shared a tailgate, one of those tailgate guys set ups....let me say, they are awesome. They make it easy. Everything is set up for you...tent, ice, tables, etc. and you just pull up they unload the rest of your stuff and voila, let the party begin. 

Pal brought Lane over for his first Auburn game, which now as I type is very ironic. (Pal is a big bammer) Lane loved it, or more like his momma loved the tailgate aspect: food, friends, fun!! 

It is like a baby explosion with our group, these three were born this summer (plus Holden, but his momma left him with Pie!) from left to right: Rayne with mom Molly, Will with mom Alyse, and Mollie with mom Lesli

grandmomma and granddaddy stopped by

Molly might kill me for this but I had to show all of the fun at our tailgate. Hooter Hiders at their best :)
I was pumping under a blanket at one point and a lady walked by and said, "bless your heart, you spend the night here?" I explained oh no, I was just hiding the ole' medela. What momma's do for their babies!

Emily, Abs, and Les

Davis, Greg, Logan, and Rich

Brooke, Jill, and Blair and precious Maggie

2001 pledge class friends
Rebecca, Blair, Jill, Alyse, Lesli, Emily, Molly, Brooke, Rayne, Abbie
crazy how time flies, seems like yesterday we were hanging out on bid night trying to figure each other out...I am glad I didn't scare you too bad Les!!

somebody got a haircut! Lane did great at the game, he started fidgeting at the end of the first quarter but until then he loved sitting with his daddy and watching "ball"!

had to get a shot with Bo

I love this pic bc Leighton Grace Bennett is tooo cute and smiling and Lane is chomping on a pretzel... and one day I am sure he is going to want a date with her and not be as interested in the pretzels :)


Molly Hargather said...

I love this! Wish we could all get together sometime....maybe in a few years? :) You look great, by the way!!

Caroline Bobo said...

What a fun Squirrel Reunion! Everyone looks awesome and love all the new additions. crack me up on Molly pic of her breast feeding at a tailgaite!! Looks like a great way to party before the game! Love Lane's haircut :)