8 weeks

Holden is 8 going on 9 weeks...Here is a shot comparing him with big brother. Everyone thinks they look exactly alike, but as you can see although they have a lot of similarities, they are definitely different.  I think Lane looks more like James and Holden more like me, James says it is opposite. I don't know, they both are cutie patooties in my book :)

Holden is doing great: eats 4-5 ounces every 2.5 hours during the day and is still hit or miss at night. For example last night he went to sleep at 6:30, James dream fed at 10:00, he woke up at 3:30am,  I tried to get him back to sleep to no avail, so I fed him and he slept until 8:00 am. A few nights in a row he had slept from the dream feed until 5:30 am. I am sure he is right around the corner from being more predictable. (I think that was a mini pep talk to myself). I read on someone's blog, that sleepless nights are ok, you can catch up when they go to college :)
He is very smiley and very verbal, makes my heart melt. 

Mom and I were on the way back from cousin Ford's birthday party, and she handed him Sophie to try to distract him in the car. We kept hearing the squeak, squeak...I thought "wow, he is so advanced he can already grab and squeeze Sophie. My baby genius. Upon further inspection, Sophie was stuck under his leg and when he kicked she squeaked. Oh, well buddy, I still think you are brilliant. 

Lane is way more adjusted to having a sibling. He only tries to get in the swing with him or "play" (aka lay and roll over on) on the activity mat occasionally. You still have to keep a close eye, but over all he loves to kiss and rub Holden's head. I see why younger siblings are tough. 


Margaret said...

Precious. Your boys always have on the sweetest outfits!

Caroline Bobo said...

I still think they look so much alike..I do see how Holden is more you :) What a cutie pie and I must see/hold him soon...miss him!! I laughed at the comment about sleepless nights and catching up when they go to college! Oh dear! Glad he is doing so great and hopefully he will turn the corner on the sleeping longer!!