MOO from the Osborns

Last night was the neighborhood trick or treat...

this little calf LOVED the chocolate

cousin pic

the cow (aka James) making  his appearance

Foster's reaction to the cow

my cows :) 

Kristen, Froggy Foster, and baby brother due in a week or so!

He starting figuring this candy thing out

riding around the neighborhood in style...at one point I heard "My Candy!" yelled from the wagon, I looked back and Lane had stolen Foster's Reese cup. I tried to make it better by taking one of Lane's Snickers and replacing it... Foster promptly threw it in the grass. Don't blame him one bit. I think Reese cups are better too Foster :)

grandaddy came down to play

Lane hugging Alice his girlfriend, precious!!

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Angie said...

The cows were adorable! James is such a good sport and Daddy! And the cow has some "moo"ves in the dentist office. Great dancing ;). Love the picture of them hugging! I miss blogging and hope to have a computer up and running soon!!!