Have I mentioned life is crazy with these two baby boys?! Holden is really getting his own little personality and Lane is on GO as soon as his feet hit the floor. He is quite the ham. He also is a show off and loves attention (can't imagine where he gets that from)
fingers are always in his mouth and he is always talking about something
not to mention his arm rolls...at least five above the elbow!

he already blows spit bubbles and drools constantly, I don't remember Lane doing this so early so I am wondering if he will be an early bloomer to Lane's late

chunky monkey, I promise he has a neck under there somewhere
The below sequence is from dinner the other night, very typical:
this is blurry, but shows Lane's "innocent" face so well, This is usually right before he does something he knows he is not suppose to do
In this case it was get on the counter to attack  check on his brother

I love this one: Holden is like, "Really Mom are you going to let him do this?!"

scared face

he knew he was getting away with it as I was snapping away

Lane is 20 months and is learning a new word almost daily. His is obsessed with tractors and all animals.  He still has to have blan"kee" with him at all times. The other morning he got "kee" in his morning diaper, and we had to leave it at home to get washed while he was at school. Melt down city.
Finally I convinced him that he could take his "dog" stuffed animal instead. His teacher said he did ok, but insisted on taking dog with him to the playground. 

Also, I made these muffins to get in the fall spirit and they were delish and easy. I also halved the sugar and used whole wheat flour. 
The soup in the above pictures was this, James's favorite butternut squash soup. It is a lot of prep work but well worth it as it makes tons and is a great mix of savory and sweet. 


Nancy said...

Such precious pictures!

Angie said...

Love this post! Precious boys, growing so fast. I use this same recipe and have for years. Delish and I also made these Sunday afternoon! I want to try that soup, I bet Alice would love it!