School Pictures

 How cute is this? Picture day at school in the pumpkin patch...
Notice he doesn't have shoes on...no I am not a delinquent mother, in Selma children don't have to wear shoes until Kindergarten. I think I have mentioned this before, but it is even more funny now that Lane is in school.  I actually send Lane to school most days in his shoes and the majority of the time he comes back to me with them in his backpack. 

Thanks Kristen for sending these! When I picked up Lane, his teacher said 8 of the 11 cried, but not Lane. (I think he is used to his mother taking pictures of him)
Love this age of half baby/half big boy! 


Margaret said...

So cute to do school pics at the pumpkin patch. Dru didn't have to wear shoes to school in Montgomery as a little boy either. Traditions carry on! Lane is precious!

Caroline Bobo said...

I could eat Lane up! He is such a cute/handsome little boy! Love his outfit!! Sweet :)