Loving right now...

So Fall is almost here (or here I guess, but weather wise, almost here in the deep South...what to wear when you are working on losing the last of the baby weight that just doesn't seem to want to go away? Side note commentary for moms:
Why is is so easy to put on yet not so much to get off?  Remember the appointments where you gained a couple of pounds since your last appointment and you think, not bad, good job only two pounds and then two pounds times a lot of weeks later it all catches up.  Oh the fun!
Enter black skinny jeans. Thank you Paige designers for making a jean that is both slimming and comfortable.

I try to spice them up with a leopard flat via Sam Edelman. (Did I just say a ballet flat was spicey? shows where I am these days!) 

Love Love Love this show. I feel like the Bravermans are my friends and laugh and cry with them weekly. James rolls his eyes, but secretly likes it too. Leighton said on her blog last week the show will make you feel. Very true! Tune in on Tuesday nights NBC at 9c. (or record it like me if you can't stay up that late)

I have been trying to eat less sugar (aka Reese cups nightly) and this bar has help satisfied my cravings. 
They come in a mini bar which is the perfect little size for a late night snack. 
These have also helped fend off the dessert cravings. A mug of this from the Keurig and I am a happy camper. 

My sister gifted me with one of these: Tervis Tumbler Water Bottle (with my name on it!)
It is awesome because now it is so easy to keep up with how much water I am drinking (has ounces marked on the side). It is kind of addicting. The top is awesome too as it stays on tight without leaking. The only problem is that Lane loves it too and now I find it in random places like in the back of his dump truck. 

Happy almost Weekend to everyone!


Caroline Bobo said...

love this:) you looked great in your skinny jeans today!! lunch was fun:=)

Nancy said...

I love the blueberry muffin Larabar!
Love those shoes, too!!

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

Love the black skinny jeans! Parenthood is my favorite and the name I was trying to think of the other night...Crosby! Not Cromwell. ha!