Oh how times have changed...

We are are at the Gulf for a little work/play weekend. Today it rained, rained, and rained some more, but we were able to venture out for dinner. Since having a baby (emerging toddler), eating out is definitely a luxury. I know all of you moms understand. We decided to brave it in the name of fresh seafood. We headed to Cobalts for my absolute favorite, firecracker shrimp. I have already learned the earlier the better as far as Lane goes...better to get there before the crowd and before his fussy tired time.
Do you all take snacks in your purse to appease until the food arrives? Thank goodness I had stashed a pack of Newk's breadsticks in my purse.

Daddy and Son fun

He loved fried shrimp!  Guess he is not allergic?! Good thing, as they are a summer beach staple.

Love my buddy

fam shot

Tonight was one of those nights that he did wonderful and I thought, we should do this more often. HAHA. Who am I kidding? I also feel guilty as we leave and try to clean up around the table, as it is a disaster. I now am an excellent tipper! Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow, for a day on the boat. Happy Weekend!


Caroline Bobo said...

Great dress you have on there :) Love the family pic and soo glad Lane loves shrimp :)

Angie said...

Love this post and the PRESH pics of that smiling baby boy!!