13 months

I am continually amazed at how much he learns month to month. This past month, he has gotten a lot more verbal and opinionated. Two of his favorite new words are "Go, Go!" and "Uh Oh!".  He is also very opinionated about what he eats...he points to what he wants each bite....and goodness gracious if you don't get it right! His favorite is still spaghetti and now in the mornings a bagel, raisin toast, or yogurt.  We went to the Gulf this past weekend, and he loved fried shrimp. He gets it honestly :) He also learned to drink through a straw this weekend, which was very helpful when eating out.

His favorite thing in the world is outside. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he says, Dog?! to mean he wants to see Amos, and then points to outside. Mary says he wants to spend most of the day outside....He likes to watch the cars go by, adores the mailman, and now enjoys crawl/walking around the yard. I say crawl/walking because he still will not commit to walking 100%. He walks about five steps then crawls a few and back again. 

Lane loves motorized vehicles, mules, golf carts, cars, boats, and now the four wheeler. We had a great visit to Moulton a few weekends ago, and he had his first experience. 

Don't call child services, he didn't have a helmet but we didn't go over 3 mph. 

He is sleeping great, still from around 6:30 to 6:00...we will see what the time changes brings to the schedule. He is still not much of a napper, usually only one substantial one a day. He does not get this from me. We are a little late for his 1 year check up, but I would say he is still right in the middle on height and weight. 

Such a JOY!!


Caroline Bobo said...

Gosh...Lane is such a good mixture of you and James. I still see a lot of your daddy in him :) What cute beach pics!! So sweet! Great updates!

Natalie said...

i kept trying to comment on the last post and it kept deleting it! argh. anyway love this post and the previous and lane is a cutie patootie. like a little old man :) just wait...they get even more fun and if i remember correctly by 18 months they are SUCH a blast and life gets easier daily from there!!