My friend Kristen at Joy in the Journey tagged me to do a little question and answer session, and I am happy to oblige. I always like to read these because it gives you a little glimpse into a person's personality you might not know very well.

1.  You've been forced to give up all but one item of makeup.  What is the ONE thing you have to keep? 
This is hard, not because I wear tons of makeup, but because I love products. OK, just one... Chanel Foundation, Perfection Lumiere. At least my skin tone would be even!
2.  What is your favorite online store to shop? 

Now that I moved to a small town, my online shopping has definitely picked up. James and I are Amazon Prime junkies. You get a better price and free shipping within two days. You can get anything on Amazon, from Keurig cups to diapers. As far as clothing, I would say JCrew. I love when their sale items are 30-50% off!
3.  What book are you currently reading?

 I am an avid reader, so my nightstand is always full...right now: Love Lifted Me Up by Sara Evans, Shepherding a Child's Heart by Ted Trip, and just finished Bossy Pants by Tina Fey (hysterical btw)
4.  What is your favorite vacation spot? 
5.  If you could go back and choose a different career path what would it be? 

I am very blessed in that I love what I do and know it is exactly what God wants me to do. However, if I had to do something different I always said I would have been a travel agent.
6.  Do you have any hidden talent or something you are good at?

 Tough one....not really. I just asked James, and he said "making messes and losing my sunglasses". Well, thanks. (and sadly true, at least the sunglasses part) He said I am an excellent baker, so I think I will go with that one...
7.  What is playing on your ipod right now? 

Taylor Swift, Ours...because it is Lane's favorite and he likes to boogie to it (literally)
8.  List the places that you have visited from around the world. 

So I am not redundant, I just posted about traveling, go check it out!
9.  What is your favorite clothing store? Anthropologie for that fun top of the season, Saks for that special dress, The Pants Store in Birmingham for something cute and trendy at a good price, Old Navy for comfy Ts, Target for bathing suits, and JCrew for good basics, and right now Swanky Stork in Birmingham for maternity, where my friend Caroline is a manager.
10.  What goals do you have for the next 5 years? grow our family in God's design, continue to care for the children of Central Al at CDCA,  Missions with Integrity Worldwide to Meto, Kenya, and go to the Maldives!!

Thanks Kristen, that was fun! 


Caroline Bobo said...

Thanks for the Swanky Stork shout out :) Love all your answers!!

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

I loved reading your answers! Very enlightening:) I have been wanting to start reading Bossy Pants- love a good laugh!