MAS Reunion

We had a great time catching up with old friends and classmates this weekend. Here are some pictures from the events:
Friday night cookout at the Kirkpatrick home

beautiful as always

Welcome banner a mom had saved since Prom

lots of mingling and catching up

On to Saturday by the pool:

Lane meeting Evelyn, Kalee (who is holding Lane) and Dillon P's little girl. Precious. she is 10 months old

hanging with Steven

Saturday night at the Country Club:
Jeremy and Lee with their significant others

James catching up with the Drs. Tuckers (who are now Selma residents!)

Kalee, me, Mags, and Elizabeth


yes-- the teachers called us "The Dream Team" because they thought we were such a good class...little did they know!

CARM husbands, even in appropriate order! (for you Mr. Mike!)

Jamie our class Pres. accepting "the most interesting job award"...what does he do? something to do with bull semen? I never quite understood

MAS class of 2001 (minus about 30)

we then spend the evening trying to break it down Bobo style:

Today we are all worn out and doing a lot of this:

(we just received baby Einstein MacDonald farm DVD, he is mesmerized)

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Caroline Bobo said...

Great review of the weekend! Hysterical pictures...esp the one of my lovely hubby breaking it down :) Priceless!! Thanks for all your help