First Week

This week is a very exciting week for our family. We started our new positions at Children's Dentistry of Central Alabama. James and I feel very blessed to be joining such a thriving practice. Here are a few pictures we took for our new website.  It should be up and running next week, so go check it out! If you are in our area, come in and see us!  (yes, I am advertising on the blog!) We really are having fun. It is wonderful to enjoy your "work".  James and I are doing well working together, and are even sharing an office until mine is set up. (We will see how long this lasts!)

with our wonderful staff (the best!)

Dr. Russell, Dr. Osborn, and Dr. James


Caroline Bobo said...

Love it love it love it!!! Gosh...to think back over the years and to see how it has brought you both to this moment!! I cannot think of anyone happier than Dr Donnie :) I am so proud of ya'll!!

Susan said...

Congrats Rayne! Glad to have you guys close by (sort of)!