Happy Birthday Sister!

This lovely lady turns ??? (we'll just keep that a secret, she might send a threatening text after reading this) tomorrow!! I am jumping the gun a day because we are celebrating tonight with a cookout at our house.  She is the best sister a girl could ask for: always there with a listening ear, keeping me up to date on the latest fashions/fabrics (generously giving me her hand-me-downs!), sharing her heart for the Lord and how He is working in her life,  giving helpful momma tips, and just a really fun person to hang out with.  See, pretty great right?! Now that we live only a couple blocks apart, we get to play a lot more!

from awhile back at the beach, Mac the chef and his two assistants  tasters

love this picture of them!

and this past Christmas when I was swollen  pregnant, but she looks great!

Happy Early Birthday Jana! Can't wait to celebrate tonight! The Osborns love you!


Caroline Bobo said...

Happy Birthday Jana!! LOVE that green dress she has on...hmmm wonder who that came from :)

Steven said...

Rayne, have you been initiated yet? Good thing you have the inside track with Jana.