disclaimer: long post, so if you just want to see a cute pic of Lane, scroll to the bottom
Sorry I have been MIA this week! Lots of happenings--moving in the new casa, Ford's baby shower, James's graduation, and now beach time. I am not big on transition, so I am happy to have this time drawing to an end. It has been a lot of fun though, just a little stressful. First off the move-I cannot tell you how much help we had to make it go smoothly. A big thank you to James's parentals and my parents for all of your hard work. It was just that-hard work! Jim was amazing! He and James were hanging things, bracing things, building things, etc. etc. We could not have done it without you. Another big thanks to my Aunt Mary Alice, Aunt Elon, and Shelby. They were the decorators/organizers that made all of our things go to the right spot so everything started feeling like home. Unfortunately, I have no pictures yet to share with you, but I will get on that next week.
Here are some shots from the baby shower we hosted for my SIL, Lacey. It was sooo cute!


Family shot, doesn't she look great?!

In other pictures--our first swim in the new pool, Lane loved it!

(and yes he is swimming in a diaper, but that's a perk of a pool in your backyard right? )

We celebrated James's graduation with his resident friends at Gianmarco's on Wednesday night. It was a great evening of telling stories, eating delicious food, drinking wine, and enjoying fellowship with a special group of friends.

Matt and Adrian (no they are not a couple, just for the night!) both first years that have one more year of Pedo left (another sidenote: Adrian is Amos's favorite person in the world. ever. )

John and Elise who are headed to Tennessee (and baby Davis who will make his debut in about 6 weeks)
Kyle and Kristi who are headed back to Mississippi (with their two adorable kiddos, Sawyer and Rivers)
We will miss ya'll! 

James receiving his certificate

And now for today: Captain Robert Cook took us fishing this morning. It was beautiful! The fish were not so abundant, but we had a good time nonetheless.
with Cap'n Cook

with our one "keeper" of the day, just barely

and now I am enjoying some time with this precious one. 

love those little pockets!

Hope everyone has a great fourth weekend! 


Leighton said...

Too cute!!! And Rayne, if you can't see yourself in Lane in that last picture especially, you're blind! He's such a cute mix of y'all. Have fun at the beach!

Caroline Bobo said...

Congrats James!!! So proud of Dr Osborn :) Glad ya'll had a fun dinner. I could eat lane up...so darn adorable! I agree with the first comment on Lane's pics. Eat some good seafood for me!!