My favorites of the moment

My running shoes, Karhu. Ugly, yes...comfortable, oh yea  If you are in the market for a new pair, I would highly recommend. (not for a aerobics shoe, really just a walking/running shoes as they are more light weight and would not offer as much ankle support) I also wear them at work.

Our swimming pool. To be honest, I was not excited about having a swimming pool...the upkeep, safety aspects, etc. but, I was totally wrong. We jump in for a late afternoon dip almost everyday. Lane loves it, and it really is relaxing. The only downfall is the mosquitos. We just got tiki torches with the insect repellant oil, but they are everywhere! Anyone have any tips?

Vitamin C Obagi
My SIL, Lacey recommended this as I have several brown spots on my face from pregnancy. I have only been using it for about 2 weeks and can already see improvement. It is kind of pricey though, I wonder if rubbing lemons on your face would work just as well :)

Reading: Just finishing the Hunger Games series. Seriously addicting, but different. I can't believe they are  for young adults. I think I read Caddie Woodlawn and Christy as a young adult. I also have been reading BabyWise step II. Hard to believe we are almost to the-- don't throw food on the floor, bang your plate on the table, etc. stages. For you moms out there-do you do playpen time? Right now we do blanket time, but have not started time in the playpen. I am slightly skeptical. Does time in the exersaucer count? Other good reads this summer--Unbroken by Elin Hildebrand, a few Kristin Hannah beach reads,  the Pioneer Woman's book. Next in line: All in by Gene Chizik and Summer Everlasting by Ann Brasheres (the conclusion of the Sisterhood pants, which I did read all of them)

Also, if you are in the Birmingham area, go check out Shindigs my brother's food truck. He is parked around UAB during the week (11-2) and Railroad Park on Saturdays. Here are a few shots that my sister took of his food:
banana chocolate bread pudding

salmon burger

"Chadillac" chicken sandwich with figs

YUM!!! Go try it out!!


Caroline Bobo said...

Your shoes are about as "pretty" as my nike shoes that I created myself!! But they go well with the blue scrubs..very auburnish!! Sam had Shindigs today and LOVED every bite! He was impressed and he is a picky eater,so that is good!

Ashley M. Meadows said...

The Hunger Games series was truly addictive! One of my students recommended the first one to me a couple of years ago and I was hooked! I was sortg of embarassed to tell people though because the books are sort of weird...

Lindsay said...

Can't resist a good parenting topic. We didnt do playpen time with j, and it hasn't even crossed my mind with ap. I honestly thought babywise two wasn't very helpful. They don't account for a child's personality in my opinion. I say if your kid will sit in a playpen- awesome. Go take a shower!! They'll be able to climb out in a few months anyways! I personally love "grace based parenting". More room for everyone to be themselves. Strictly opinion! Just love talkin' babies. :) Lane is so precious!!!

Nancy said...

My son is reading them & LOVES the series. He's 11 -
Those food photo's look AMAZING! You have a precious boy & a great blog!