Weekend Fun

We had lots of fun this past weekend.....

Dinner Friday night at Rosebud, delicious!

Em and Jill

The preggos (I know you love a close-up Lesli so this is for you!)

Sat night lingerie party for Molly

The Honoree

Dinner Sat night at Cantina, again very yummy
Alpha Gams age beautifully

She was very happy about getting to wear the ring and sash in public!

We did all that was planned, lots of eating, catching up with a little shopping and pedicures thrown in. We all hit H&M since most of us don't have one nearby. I bought a few shirts I can "grow" into over the next few months. I would love advice from all you moms out there: When did you really start showing with baby #1? The planner in me is trying to figure out when my clothes will stop fitting, and when the "bump" will become more like a "mound".  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

So glad the ring and sash were worn yet again!! I have lost count now on how many of us have used it :) Mols is glowing with excitement! Great to see all the girls together! You look lovely little mommy-to-be :) I obviously have no advice on the bump!! aha!

Adrienne said...

Rayne! By the way, I love your blog.... okay, and congratulations on Baby O!
I loved seeing Squirrel Reunion pictures and Molly in her Bachelorette attire! LOVE. IT.

Molly Hargather said...

love this! last night i ate dinner with a bunch of squirrels (jessica godfrey, turner, leigh driskall, tyler, etc), and thought of you all! you look great!