A Picture and Prayer Request

Hello Blog Friends! Just wanted to ask for prayer for a friend named Morlene. She is the hygienist here at Christ Health Center, and a wonderful lady. She is in alot of pain due to a gallbladder issue, and probably going to have surgery in the next day or two. She is very tough, so for her to admit to any pain, means it is very bad. Please be praying for NO pain, a successful surgery, and for her family (she has 2 precious boys).
Thanks ya'll!

Also wanted to share a dog picture from this weekend....
Amos with his pals, Jet and Duke
Aren't they handsome?!
(photo via Maggie Lewis)

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Steven told me he emailed you and heard about hygienist...so not fun. The pic of the dogs is GREAT! Happy Week! Talk soon! LOVIES