Squirrel Reunion!

This weekend I am headed to Atlanta to spend some time with my college Alpha Gam friends. We try to get together every year during the summer, and this year we are headed to stay with Emily. On the schedule: eating, shopping, pedicures, eating, some more shopping and eating, then Sat. night a bachelorette night for Molly. In between it all, catching up on the details of everyone's lives. It is hard to beat a girl's weekend! I will take lots of pics, and do better with actually posting them next week.
Graduation week, 2005
Rebecca, Emily, Brooke, Molly, Allison, Rayne
Les, Blair, Margaret, Abbie

Wedding shower Bham 2009
Brooke, Jill, Alyse, Rayne, Rebecca, Emily
Abbie, Molly, Allison, Lesli

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Hope ya'll have so much fun! Tell everyone I said hey :)