Pool Party

Last week, James and I "house sat" for our landlords. They have a beautiful home right behind ours. We had some friends over for a little swimming, cookout, and fellowship. Best of summer days!

Sawyer Reed, the cutest thing ever!

Baby Rivers Reed, also the cutest thing ever! Look at those cheeks!
Baby Amos, the best dog in the world (if I am this partial to a dog, what am I gonna say about Baby O?!)
and James (also the best husband in the world)
Kyle and Kristi (parentals of Sawyer and Rivers) Nick, James and Amos

Penny and Nick
Alyse relaxing poolside, also love Kyle's face in the background
Sawyer's sweet cheeks

Alyse, I think its your turn!

Such a fun night!


The Allen Family said...

i meant to tell you on your last post about maternity clothes... you are more than welcome to borrow mine. bryce and avery were born jan/feb so they should work perfectly as far as seasons go. let me know if you are interested!

as far as when the bump turned into a mound... definitely a mound for me the whole last trimester, but pretty much had to give up the rubber band trick somewhere between 18-25 weeks (i really can't remember exactly... sorry) but the bella band can get you a little longer stretch before full blown maternity clothes :)

kristi reed said...

Awwwww! such a fun night! Sawyer loves his "osborn time" and I'm sure Rivers will too once she becomes aware of people :)!