Baby Reveal

First of all, this is way overdue. I have just not had the time to get the pictures together. Secondly, Warning: Lots of pictures..... I "told" my family about Baby O around father's day weekend. It worked out great, because we were all getting together as a family and celebrating my grandfather's (Pop) birthday. We always have a wonderful time when we are in the same place.

Jana, Mom, and Mac
Jess and Emily (such a beautiful couple)
Playing on hay with Fair (that's what you do in the country)

Mom and her sisters (I love this picture bc it SO represents them, always up to something!)
this one too: Mom, Aunt Mary Alice, Aunt Dolly, and Aunt Elon

using Fair as dumbbell (she loved it)
coloring with Mydot

Pop and Sam with Pop's vintage hat
"Children's" table

I happened to sign up to bring the cake.

And then the reactions...(thanks to Jana for capturing them)

This is my favorite. Already a proud daddy....

Coming Soon: Michael and Betsy's wedding!


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

GREAT reactions! THis is such a precious time for ya'll.

Leighton said...

Oh I love this post! So, SO happy for y'all! Cannot wait to meet baby O!

Ashley M. Meadows said...

I love the way you choose to tell people things!