This Christmas Season

Please hang in there with me as I dump my Iphone and remember all of the fun things December held for us:

trip to Bass Pro, Holden is at the perfect age to fear sitting in Santa's lap.
Lane is at the perfect age to love it, makes for a great picture

thanks to Pie and Aunt Elon for tagging along

had a great wine tasting and dinner in Montgomery with this great group of friends

baking day with Kate Wood

This lady is seriously talented, I wanted her to show me the secret to Royal Icing.

Well the secret is...It is HARD. We had a fun Sunday afternoon, and I have a renewed appreciation for beautifully done cookies!

loved having extra snuggle time with these buddies

Lane had the opportunity to model clothes for the Beaux and Belles line of precious clothes that our friends, Beth and Kea sell
shockingly he did great and really cheesed it up

had a fun "pig out" day in the office and dirty Santa

Lane had his Christmas program at Little Friends. The two year old class were the sheep. We had talked about it prior and worked on a couple of his songs, but I wondered how he would react taking the stage for the first time....
walked out apprehensive
checking out everyone
spotting Momma...

then meltdown

not so much, he didn't recover because as soon as he started to, he saw his daddy and then it was OVER. His teacher grabbed him and took him off stage, poor buddy. 
After I said, "Lane you did so good!" He said, "NO Momma, I NOT like it". Maybe next year :)

Tennis Christmas Party....gotta love Katie's Santa style
The Saturday before Christmas we had the Russell Christmas party.
This is one of my favorite times as we got to spend time with our Mobile cousins and baby Annie.
you can't tell in this picture but Holden is obsessed with Annie
after she left, he found her Christmas card picture and carried it around, kissing her :)
The Cooks
Ann Marie, Shannon, and me

Caroline Buster admiring Ed Williams
sooo sweet

Fourth Generation (hard to believe but we were missing a bunch!)

Third Generation

First cousins celebrating at the Roost

cookies for Santa and reindeer food



my brother gave us a Chemex coffee system for Christmas, it makes the most delicious coffee ever

receiving their "trac tracs" 

love my Holdey bug

fam shot Christmas Eve

Hope Everyone is staying WARM this week.

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