A Look Back...

This past year we were very blessed...When I think back to some of the highs, I am thankful for a overall health, joyful year for our family. When I think back to some of the lows, I am thankful for learning trust and faith in the Lord in deeper ways.

I enjoyed not being pregnant or breast feeding for the first time and really getting healthy.
The boys grew leaps and bounds and both hit large milestones...Holden walking, talking, and finally giving up the bottle!! (only 6 months late!) Lane talking more clearly (he stuttered a bit the first part of the year as he was talking more and more and was not getting his words out as fast as he was thinking them), almost potty trained (which is good considering he is almost three), and really coming into his own little personality (aka James Junior).

We lost loved ones. We grieved and felt God's peace in a new way. 

We traveled near and far and met fellow Christ followers that made eternal impact. 

Lane developed into a little boy. He is cautious, but adventurous at the same time. He is not a morning person and wakes up very slowly just like his father. He loves all things mechanical. I can almost see his brain thinking SO hard when he is moving dirt in the yard with his tractor. He is enthusiastic about most everything, especially showing Holden "how to do it". He is a good big brother most moment. Yesterday, he told me, " Hold-bear not take turns." "I share wid him, but he not share." :)

We saw Holden's personality develop...he will definitely keep us on our toes. He is funny, defiant, sweet, stubborn, and VERY verbal. This morning he screamed from his crib at 6:19 am, "Momma OUT." Pease Momma, OUT". "Milk Momma". over and over...you get the point :)

We enjoyed several adults only vacations where we had time to talk, laugh, and remember.  

We spent time with family and enjoyed fellowship with friends. I feel like God has provided nurturing especially in this area.  We plugged into small groups and have both grown in being Spirit led. 

I am looking forward to see what this year brings! 

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