Lane will be three in a few weeks.
Favorites: Red, Chicken Pot Pie, Chocolate Donuts, Tractors, and Curious George (though Caillou is a close second)
 Accomplishments: POTTY TRAINED!! (he has had a few accidents every now and then, but overall is great. we use a pull up at night, because i am not that brave)
The other thing we have been working on is dressing himself. I have mixed feelings about this as he never has been opinionated about what I choose for him to wear. The more he dresses himself, the more this changes. Last night, I picked out his Christmas pjs and told him to put them on. He said "Momma I not wear Chrimas pjs, Chrimas is over." Great. Some battles are not worth fighting.
I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, and he told me "Choc Choc Cake". He said "that make me   SO HAPPY!" I wish I could bottle his cute expressions. except for WHY? that has started on repeat, not my favorite. I told him last week, because "Momma is the BOSS." He said, "No momma not the Boss, DADDY is the BOSS." He got me there :)

This little parrot is 18 months old. Also one of my favorite stages.
Favorites: "Bwue" (blue), Pizza, "Fwish" (goldfish), blueberries, Mickey Mouse, and cows
Accomplishments: counts to ten, is trying to also potty train (he tells me poo poo and tee tee on potty and sure enough, I put him on there and he goes. he also tells me to "move!" when he is in the act as he likes his privacy :) He still is in a diaper because honestly, getting Lane potty trained has been enough for the time being. I think we will continue to let Holden lead us until he is more consistent)
We call him bruiser as he is tough as nails. I guess that is just how God makes second children so close in age to their big brothers. He is very opinionated about everything. He tells me "No Way" if he does not want to do something.  
Ford came to visit last weekend, and these three are thick as thieves. 
They play so well together. They have their own language, and it is precious! 
"Fordy" as Holden calls him

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Kay said...

They are SO precious... and Ford is a Pie Mini-me.