Christmas In Moulton

Christmas Eve we headed North to spend Christmas with the Osborns.  The boys love going to Moulton, especially when Aunt Betsy and Uncle Michael are there. They get lots of attention and are spoiled rotten :) We cooked dinner in and sang Christmas carols on Christmas Eve.

It was the first year Lane sort of got excited about the whole "Santa is coming concept". We really didn't talk about it much at home, but at school they colored pictures and sang songs etc. I tried to be intentional on not playing up Santa, and talking about celebrating Jesus's birthday. Lane knew it was baby Jesus in the manger, and his parents are "Mamie and Joef". Close enough :) He understood we give each other presents to celebrate Jesus's birthday like you receive on your birthday. I really want to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas but also allow for the fun and make believe of Santa. Is this possible? I am not sure. I know when I was growing up it was. These days I feel like there is so much commercialism of Christmas..elves, trips to the North Pole, etc. that it can get overwhelming. I am just praying that we are obedient as Jesus shows us what is right for our family. 
Santa (aka Dee and She She) did come in Moulton, and they LOVED every second. 

Holden showing off his "choo choo twain"

Lane loved the work bench and tools, "just like daddy"

tractors are ALWAYS a hit

as are guns and ammo
Can you tell we are surrounded by all things BOY!!
We took a break from killing things and went to Papaw's for lunch.

Happy Birthday to Jesus!

We had a very blessed Christmas and Christmas season. 
More to come!


Angie said...

What a fun thing to do!! I love all your snapshots and the boys are precious as always! Looking at James with the boys, he is such a sweet Daddy. Happy New Year pretty girl!!

Nancy said...

Beautiful pics!! Happy New Year!!