Iphone Beach Pics

Sadly, we took our last beach trip of the summer this past weekend..
riding with Pie

He has figured out this boating thing...sunglasses, snacks, enjoying the ride

Lunch at Sunset Grille, silly boys 

drinks at Fishers with Courtney and Ella, Shannon and Annie, and The Busters...
perfect atmosphere for the kids to run around and play with adult beverages for us
naked swinging

swimming in the bayou with Sam and Fair

Aunt Jana giving Holden a lift from the "tickers" as Lane calls the sand spurs

my favorite time is drinking coffee watching them play

Don't let that grin fool you, He got car sick on the way to AND from the beach :(
notice no padding in his carseat from all the yuck
We pulled over several times, country roads, side of 65 South, side of 98, you name it...
fun times

How is it August?!! 


Angie said...

So precious, they almost look the exact age!! So glad y'all had a wonderful "last weekend"

Blair said...

Fun times at the beach and great memories! I feel your pain with a car sick baby - it's so gross.

Caroline Bobo said...

sweet pics of your boys! Looks like a fun time had by all! Car sick is nooo fun :(