ATL Weekend

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Atlanta...the timing was perfect with everything else going on, it was a good getaway with friends
Brett (aka Dr. Wood, aka Wood Orthodontics if you or your child ever needs Ortho, he is the best!)
took us all to a Braves game on Friday night. I had not been in awhile and they were on a winning streak, so it was fun. I pulled for Justin Upton, of course I had never heard of him until then, but I like to pick someone to yell for to make it more interesting. 
James was most excited about a foot long hot dog. He doesn't get many of those at home. 

yes this picture is blurry but it makes me laugh as it is a good depiction of how the paw paws of the group felt about a late night activity. 

we did head over to a place near our hotel after the game for a night cap

again, blurry but this also cracks me up as it depicts the Tucker's first night away from the twins...

after this we headed back to the hotel and were hanging in the lobby bar when James spotted BJ Upton. (Justin my new favorite player's brother) For those of you who don't know this about me, I love a celebrity spotting. Well no offense BJ, but you don't really rank high on my celebrity meter. (side note: James always spots Pro athletes, it is kind of ridiculous, everywhere we go he is like that's so and so, I never notice!) I proceed to walk up to BJ and tell him, "Oh you played a great game tonight" "So fun to watch you play". He proceeds with "No I didn't" "I had a terrible game." OOPS Did I just giveaway, I really didn't watch the game and spent most of the time walking around the stadium looking for a funnel cake. YEP. 

The next morning we woke bright and early to do some shopping at Scott's Antique Market. LOVE THIS PLACE. It is so much fun! I really had fun because James went with me and believe it or not he has a great eye, and is an even better bargainer.  

bought this beauty for the den, loved the colors

didn't purchase but loved the look of this piece

wanted to get one of these for my nephew Ford, so cute

fun for a party


We had a great time and shopped till we dropped or until the husbands said ENOUGH.

might have snuck in a little pampering before dinner

headed to dinner Saturday night

good friends

We ate at Empire State South, it was delish and really a fun atmosphere

another random but funny shot as Kate was telling us about her Justin Bieber decoy spotting (he was staying at our hotel and there were hundreds of screaming teenage girls outside the hotel)
Kate rode on the elevator with the "decoy Bieber" ...who knew such things existed, but he was dressed just like him and looked just like him to throw off the public

the end

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