Holden is ONE

This past Friday Holden turned ONE...time sure does fly! Sounds cliche, but it is so true. We celebrated with a small family and friend cookout at our house. 
Foster Jones taking a crack at the pinata. Love EK and Steven Bobo in the background as Steven is the pinata king, so only fitting.

Holden's turn

he was not sure what it was, but knew that the wrappers were shiny and all the kiddos were eating them

Caroline and Emily Tucker, sweet angel (both of them!)

Blog meet Susanna: She is our babysitter and the boys ADORE her, She is a rising Senior so thankfully we will have her around another year, I don't know what we would do without her!

sweet baby Rayne and Molly (who is 20+) weeks pregnant with baby #2

Thanks to Gilmpress for helping me make these cards to have as a keepsake of his milestones. With Lane, I made a 10 minute dvd recap of his first year and a poster collage of each month, hmmm no less love Holden, just less time :)

He would not cooperate for birthday pictures

but big brother Lane says "Mis birfday momma, I free" 
(I'm three)

Ford came to celebrate too!

I love this picture, celebrating Aunt J as well!

Rayne and Holden, this cracks me up as this is his new go-to face, we call it the stink eye...he gives it ALOT and it shows his independent streak beginning ;(

this also cracks me up as sweet Rayne was bombarded by the Osborn boys, Lane is trying to kiss her!

group shot of the kiddos:
Sam-7, Fair-5, Foster-2, Lane-2, Ford-almost 2, Rayne-1, Holden-1, Ella Kate-10 months, Jude-9 months, and the three not pictured-Emily and Elliott-3 months, and Rader-2 weeks old!

Happy Birthday Aunt Jana

figuring out the cake thing

"I'm DONE"

Jude Jones, such a sweet laid back little fellow

Elliott Avery Tucker? I try every time to make sure I can tell them apart, but from this angle I am not sure...they are looking more and more alike!

I just wanted one. family. shot.
this is hysterical, everyone mimicking momma yelling "Look at the camera!!!"

Can you tell this is after cake time? Lane enjoyed his

Holden loved the car from grandmomma and granddaddy

later afternoon swim
Ella Kate is a water baby

if you follow me on instagram you have seen "water wedgie"

Here is the birthday boy at the beach on his actual birthday, finally one of him with the hat ON! 
(though it only lasted about 5 seconds)

Happy Birthday Holden Russell Osborn!
You are such a sweet, funny, and spunky little boy. 
You LOVE your momma and you LOVE to be held, so a win win for me. 
I would have five more babies if they were as sweet as you (but don't worry, your father says that is NOT an option)
You bring such JOY to our family.
You love music and love to dance.
God gave me a picture of you (when you were only a few weeks old) as a young adult speaking to a group of boys...you were dynamic and passionate. I see glimpses of this side of you already. In the picture you had a strong jawline and a head full of dark brown hair. I look down at you sometimes when I am putting you to bed, and it makes me weep thinking of you grown and handsome and full of passion for the Lord. 
I pray this picture comes to fruition and that you follow Him all the days of your life.


Nancy said...

That gave me chills of the vision God gave you for your son! What a beautiful family you have!

Blair said...

Great post celebrating your sweet baby boy! Hope to see y'all soon!

Caroline Bobo said...

What a sweet post for your baby boy :) Enjoyed celebrating with y'all! Love all the pictures...you really got some good ones of everyone! Love your prayer and words for Holden at the end. Need those cute pics of EK in the pool ;)

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

Please have five more babies;) haha!

curtis03 Lewis said...

The birthday pinata is so pretty!! I just loved it. I’m incredibly inspired by your work dear. Thank you so much for the photos. At some indoor Chicago venues I will also be hosting a grand party on my nephew’s birthday next month. I am really excited for that!