Sorority Memories

In honor of Rush week at my alma mater, Auburn....I thought I would share some pictures of my years as an Alpha Gam. I was one of those people that loved rush...loved going through it, and loved it from the other side. To me it was basically one big fun week every year of forced togetherness with all of your friends. Moms came to cook amazing meals and take care of you all week, and you got to focus on learning faces, names, and singing songs and performing skits that had been performed for years...

Bid Day 2001
Happy Baby Squirrel

I also loved when rush was over and you could enjoy the fruits of your labor...great girls that became life long friends 
I am also one of those people that still will see someone and think, hmm her name is Sally Jane so-and-so from Pell City, she was Homecoming Queen...and she didn't even pledge Alpha Gam
Intramural Football Champions 2004
loved loved Intramural Football, I wish they had an adult league in Selma, I am not kidding. 

one of my favorite reasons for being an Alpha Gam, Molly 
poor Molly, she didn't even see me coming...we lived in the same dorm Freshman year and proceeded to live together on and off for the next 7 years...I worked on her trying new things as far as eating and she worked on me not being messy. I think she turned out better than me :)

I loved formals, this was Swampwater our Spring Formal...

pink house girls Senior year

at the Vandy game

before Christmas formal

            So excited when Laura pledged Alpha Gam, one of my favorites from Selma!

another fun thing about sorority life is going to visit other chapters, here we called the Alpha Gams at Georgia and went and spent the night in their chapter room before the Georgia/Auburn game that year

I'll leave you with this little nugget...
She might kill me, but another exciting event is Glom pictures, this was a stellar one of Molly


Bess O said...

I love this post and all the pictures!!! Especially the last one ;-)

Aly Hughes said...

Loved all of the pictures!! And thanks to y'all going through and pledging Alpha Gam and then getting other Selma girls after you, I was able to pledge!! Some of the best times of my life!