First Day of School

Lane started Little Friends two year old class today. Holden started the toddler class with Miss Cindy. Lane walked in like a champ to see "Fost" his best friend and play with "fire twuck".

 Lane was so excited about his "owange" backpack like Curious George's. 
Holden had a rough morning. He DID NOT like his shoes. 

I took them off but he was still upset, poor buddy. 
He brightened up when I walked them in, and then fell apart again when I left.
I am counting down until I pick them up at 12:00 :)


Kendall Boggs said...

hey Rayne!!! I love these pics of your boys!!! They are SO presh, and the younger one reminds me of Cate. He must be about 18 months? Have a great day!!!

Caroline Bobo said...

Poor Holden :( Breaks my heart...never see him cry like this! Hope he had a good day!!