Back from Africa and a Painting...

James and I just returned from a nine day trip from Kenya with Integrity Worldwide, hence the blog hiatus. It was an unbelievable trip full of God's loving presence, a lot more on this to come...Here are a few quick shots off my phone

one of my favorite things was feeding the primary school at Meto, the children are precious and this meal to them was described to us as receiving Christmas dinner. rice, beans, and a small piece of meat

this was only one grade, we fed around 500 children their lunch

I love getting to experience missions with my husband, very special

James and Steven killed the goat and lamb for the school lunch, at first I thought "awe, so sad"...Then I realized what a big deal it was for them to have the protein, and I think I would have done it myself

women filling up their jugs at the well

Caroline and Julie, we had such a wonderful team!
oh you know, just a little elephant and her baby (around 4 weeks old) 

Lots more to come!

Also, Kendall Boggs is doing an awesome giveaway on her blog. I had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing her work in person at Scott's last month, and she is just as cute as you would imagine her to be. Her work is awesome!
Isn't it beautiful, LOVE the colors!
Maybe it will find its new home in my kitchen :)

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