4 months old

 Holden is a 4 months old (and some) and is so HAPPY! I really don't remember Lane being this content as a baby. He is very laid back except when he is hungry, then you better watch out! At his check-up he weighed 17.6 pounds and was 26 inches...aka a big boy. I have added rice cereal and a few foods to his diet as he was not very satisfied with just milk. He LOVES it!

He loves his johnny jump up, exersaucer, and watching/interacting with Lane. 
He is also rolling over! Stomach to back only, but he is already pretty mobile. I layed him out on the nursery rug while Lane and I tustled (a nightly occurence) and he wiggled his way to what he wanted.

 This is sad, apparently I changed his diaper and didn't snap the bottom back, don't judge :)
He is sleeping better once the pediatrician told me to let him cry it out and that I did not have to give in to his cry for a snack in the early morning hours. This was hard as he was  is very stubborn and some days still wakes up and cries around 4 am. I let him cry and he will go back to sleep until around 7.  When he wakes up he is not starving so I have realized his "snack" is really not necessary and no need to give in.  It is just hard not to give in to this sweet face. 

He loves his hands or his feet in his mouth. He still takes a pacifier which is longer than Lane did, so I have hope it will stick (I would prefer this to Lane's fingers that he continues to suck!)

Check out the double chin! It is really hard to keep clean :)

I love this phase as he is old enough to interact and his personality is coming out, but he is still a my sweet baby and oh so cuddly! I have to restrain myself not to just kiss him 24/7! 

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Angie said...

Yep, he is a cutie! If you noticed today I couldn't stop kissing his chubby cheeks!!!