Christmas came Early

This year we decided to go ahead and give Lane his big present from us as we will be in Moulton for Christmas. He is still too young to really get the whole Santa thing so no need to pack up presents and besides Grandmomma and Granddaddy are the best Santas around. I had seen this roller coaster at a birthday party and knew Lane would love it. It is a hit! He played for hours on Saturday and Sunday. Anything that holds his attention that long is a winner. 

We moved it inside after this as it started raining and it works there as well (it has taken over the dining room)

 Friday night we celebrated Pal's birthday...we had a gingerbread cookies instead of cake since that is what he prefers with his ice cream..because really it is all about the ice cream
We also had butternut squash soup and clearly Lane loved it (and the ice cream!)

We also opened stockings (I know early again but we needed some entertainment in the rain)

Holden even got some stocking stuffers...mainly teething items and bibs as he is in the biggest drooling phase ever

Lane LOVED his Mickey PJ's 

Lane then wanted brother to ride with him on his coaster...poor Holden. 

Saturday and Sunday were spent celebrating Christmas with the Russell Christmas and Crawford Christmas...be back with pictures soon!


Natalie said...

LOVE that last pictures :) and a local indoor play place has that roller coaster thing and the kids LOVE it. great gift! (i never thought to actually buy one! genius)

Molly Hargather said...

These pictures are PRICELESS, Rayne! Hilarious.