Gingerbread Wonderland

This past Saturday the Selma Charity League held its annual Gingerbread Wonderland. I was working the event, so Grandmomma Shelia came down to take Lane. I wasn't sure how it would go with all of the kids, candy and and hoopla, but he really did well. He actually decorated for about 5 minutes which is max for his attention span. He then realized he could eat the candy and would not get in trouble, then it was all over.

 the coconut was his favorite

this one cracks me up as he loves a balloon and these were stuck on the ceiling for decor. He was mesmerized. He wanted a green one so bad. (green is the only color he knows and everything is green, including RED firetrucks, yep we have some work to do)

Thanks Shelia for coming down to take him, we definitely would not have made it without you!


Caroline Bobo said...

Lane melts my heart! Such a cutie! I see so much of James in him. Yay for SheShe coming down :) Um...your outfit is hysterical...no words!! haha!!

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

Too much cuteness in those pictures!!