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I have lots of catching up to do on the blog, but I am going to go in random order...we had our holiday Crossfit party this past weekend. James and I just started Crossfit in October, and it is intense. Some days I LOVE it, some days I HATE it! This "workout" involved completing an exercise (think wall balls, air squats, 400m row, etc) followed by drinking a beverage, which was considered one station. There were five stations. When an individual completed a station, beverage empty, the next person on your team could begin the station. When all participants had competed all stations your team was finished. All team members could help with the consumption of beverages(So lots of sharing for speed). It was a team competition, boys vs girls. You can imagine the competitiveness going on....(James is also contributing with this post, see below)
Two guys hanging out. Tommy is terrified of all germs, So at the height of Flu/Cold pandemic in Dallas County this was his worst nightmare. Small building, pouring rain outside, lots of sweating/coughing, and shared beverages. He had just sanitized his whole head prior to this picture. 
Rayne is very competitive as you all know. She beat me by about 15 secs.  The girls had to row 400m and the guys 500m.  (Insert me-It felt as bad as I looked!)
after workout not feeling so good(obnoxious wife in background). Obviously some of us  drank the required volume of fluid and some of us did not). minimum 60 oz in 15 mins- OUCH! But Rayne somehow felt great post workout as did all the girls. But all the boys were outside in the rain with emesis. (insert me-vomiting for us regular folks)

The wife ....you do not want to lose to this lady!
(insert me-Logan is also as competitive as me!!)

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Steven said...

James you should write more often. I love the pic of Rayne laughing as Louie yells at her.