Very Thankful

After our trip to CR, we returned to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Roost. We ate, relaxed, and recovered from the stomach/flu that hit a couple of our family members :(
I am so thankful the boys didn't really get it and had a big time! 

Pie and Pal giving the grandboys an early Christmas present. 

Lane loved it, though he needs to grow a couple of inches to fully appreciate it

Pal and Holden looking on

Holden loves watching Lane play, Lane better watch out because as soon as Holden is mobile things are going to get interesting

Lane is a threat to drink and drive
Lane, James, and I had plenty of play time:

Holden did what he does best, JUMP JUMP! 
notice the cooler as leverage :)

We then went to Seabed to hunt and eat a stone crab Thanksgiving lunch, yum!
Lane, Sweetie, and Macon

Pop and Holden

The Russells came down, so fun to see them! Ford is on the verge of walking. He and Lane had the best time together. They have their own toddler language that is so cute even though I don't understand a word
Holden had a great spot to watch the quail hunt, his first

Group Shots:

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Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

i loved all these pictures- I don't know what to comment on first... How adorable Lane and Holdey look. I can't believe Holden looks like a big boy already! You look great and look like y'all are having a great time! I love your sweet grandparents, they are so cute. It all looks wonderful! You are very blessed!