Baby Lewis gets showered and Lane falls in LOVE

This past Sunday was my friend Maggie's Selma baby shower. It was lovely, and she got some great things for Baby Lee Lewis. She is looking great and he is growing (and kicking!) like a weed.  

the loot

Maggie and Kalee

this one cracks me up

mom and I gave her a day gown made by Ms. Rita of Spoiled Rotten (her stuff is amazing!)
and then Kalee's sweet baby Evelyn and Lane met. She is 4 months older and he was immediately smitten. See below pictures for his "love at first sight" encounter.


she is definitely playing hard to get

"I think I need to put my gums on her"

this was him going in for the slobbery kiss, but don't worry we got him in time


cutie patooties

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Kristen said...

Oh my goodness.... the expression on his sweet face is adorable!! He is in love:) Great job on capturing those looks too! I'm so excited that y'all are coming Saturday!