8 months

His Favorites: crawling everywhere, exploring everything, playing on the floor with Elmo or tubberware/utensils I give him while I cook, still Amos (who really does not give him the time of day), and Mary who keeps him every day Exibit A:

Dislikes: He is really starting to let us know when he does not like things-turning his head and banging his hands down on certain foods, flipping around and whining at diaper changes, etc. We even "discipline" him when he goes after Amos's water bowl. It is amazing to see that he knows "No" and sometimes rebels anyway. Not often, because he does not like when his daddy uses a stern tone. 
He still hates the car seat, making a trip over an hour challenging. I tried the Wiggles on my laptop for the last roadtrip, but he didn't stay tuned in and really I don't blame him. 

Eating: We are trying to introduce different textures, or food with more texture into his diet. This is still hard for him as he only has one tooth, but he want to eat what we are so bad. He eats food three times a day and about five bottles a day. His new favorite is spaghetti! He loves water from a cup. 
On the horizon: He pulls on on everything-the tub, the coffee table, etc. but doesn't stand for long by himself. He is becoming more brave, so could be standing on his on soon. He is headed for his first Auburn football game this Saturday. 

 This was bath time yesterday: He still LOVES his bath. It is hysterical to watch, he splashes, face plants in the water (which he finds very amusing), eats his rag, and jabbers non-stop

I don't get it.


Caroline Bobo said...

Ok...we have to hit pause on his life..he is just too cute and cannot possibly get any cuter! Ok..I guess he could and he will continue to get cuter :) Love all the details. Such a good mama!!

Shannon said...

So cute!! I miss seeing him and all of yall! Tell Mary hello!