Integrity 5K

This past Saturday we help sponsor and participated in the 2nd Annual Integrity 5K to raise money for their ministry in Meto, Kenya.  Integrity holds a special place in my heart because they have built a library in Meto named after my aunt Meg who passed away almost 3 years ago due to cancer. I can't wait to go see it and meet the sweet people there one day!
We ran, including Lane...and did pretty good...ran a 8:45 pace, which for us non-runners was not bad. The weather didn't hurt, it was a blue bird day in the 70's. James has to play mind games with me when we run...he always says "you know we are running slower than normal".  I am never sure, so I try to go faster, sometimes it works and sometimes, I yell back "well fine, go ahead and LEAVE me since you can run so fast." 
Dad and Alan Jr. (Dad is on the board of Integrity and is going on their first dental mission trip this May, I am so excited to see what God is going to do, and ways we can help impact their oral health)
(ckb-He had on his precious Tiger outfit you gave him, but you can't really appreciate it in these pictures!)

Lane was parched after his run, and loved ice to cool off
worn out boys


More up soon from this weekend...Maggie's Selma baby shower and last night's Central Al Fair

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Caroline Bobo said...

Yay for 5k and GREAT time by the way! You run way faster than me!! So glad he can wear his tiger outfit!! Lanes face in the dehydrated pic is hysterical!! Can't wait to see maggie pics and fair pics. I had a title for Maggie on the reader page but it would not let me pull it up? did you post it already?