Happy Birthday Husband

Yesterday was my sweet husband's birthday. I surprised him by a quick trip to The Grand Hotel this weekend. It was perfect--great weather, delicious food, and a lot of relaxation. He deserves it! (and I always enjoy a little R&R!) Thanks to Jim and Shelia for keeping Lane boy so we could enjoy it...Saturday they came to town (which he knew about so this didn't throw off the surprise), and we were going to pick up Subway for lunch (one of Selma's best lunch options) and instead of going right, I told him to go left so we could go "anywhere he wanted". He was pretty clueless, as we had just taken J&S's sandwich orders in detail (pickes, mayo, olives, etc.) so it was pretty funny to watch his expression and surprise.  I didn't take many pictures, but here is the birthday boy, right by where we got married a little over 2 years ago.
love him

where we got married

nothing prettier than a Mobile bay sunset

We had a family dinner yesterday to celebrate:

Sam giving his gift 

delicious cheesecake from Shelia

Lane likes a party

Happy Birthday James! Here is to many many more!

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Caroline Bobo said...

What a great wife you are!! Love that you suprised him!! Glad ya'll went to The Grand...with all this twin baby stuff...I had no idea ya'll went! We need to catch up!!