War Eagle Weekend

We headed to Auburn to have a little CARM reunion and watch the Tigers play. We all met Friday night for a little mexican. Sadly, these are the only pictures I have of the weekend because ye ole camera died. For those that know me, this is not shocking. But hopefully, Caroline will fill in the blanks.



I promise Maggie was there and Mitchell came down Saturday. We had a great time catching up, tailgating, and cheering Auburn on to victory. It was sad to see the trees at Toomers dying. The only other pitfall of the weekend was my sunburned back.  
I made these pumpkin cream cheese muffins from Annie-Eats blog. They were great and easy!

In other news, yesterday I had my first tennis match. As in for real USTA approved, doubles match play for a beginners Selma league.  I know, impressive, right?! And we WON! If we win (as in our whole team, not just me) next week, we will go to state. It is so much fun, I feel like I am in high school again, except way slower and more out of shape. oh and more jiggling from different areas. you get it.
So stay tuned for team "Let's Make Some Raquet" updates!


The Jennings said...

Rayne, LOVE following your blog. The "jiggling in different areas, but you get it" part of this one made me laugh so hard...Hope you're doing well!

Caroline Bobo said...

Great update!! I will post ASAP I promise and fill in the blanks!!! Crack me up about tennis! Glad ya'll are going to state