7 months, Dove Hunting, and Jesus

DISCLAIMER: several post in one, very long!

I can't believe my little Lane boy is over 7 months old! He is so much fun and full of personality (I think I say that every month!) His favorites of the moment are: floor time where he crawls and explores, apples and blueberry baby food, chewing/playing with his sippy cup, outside strolls with Miss Mary, and his furry brother Amos. New this month: saying Da-da (but for the record he does not look at James when saying this, it is just his favorite syllables), squealing, eating mashed bananas and avocados, and playing peek-a-boo. He has conquered sitting up crawling, and is one very mobile baby. He tries to pull up in his crib, but so far can only get to his knees. Here are some of his latest pictures:
 still LOVES bathtime

Daddy dressed him for his 7 month pictures and his first dove hunt...

Trying to distract him to get some good shots:

but he would rather eat Mr. Bear

Saturday we headed out to the Roost to watch football, eat, and shoot skeet before the big hunt. 

getting some loving from Grandmomma

boys shooting skeet

can you imagine these two in a few years? scary!

Sam sharing his toys (which is very generous of him as these are his favorites)

Lane loves his Fairchild

This is what he does when we say "Lane, show us your muscles" (ok, I totally made that up, but wouldn't he be so smart)

The Rossells came down for the shoot:

two happy boys

Molly and me at her first shoot, which I am proud to report that she was a great bird dog, picked up lots of Rich's birds (who is a great shot by the way) and even pulled a head off. not kidding. I might have forced her, but she did it with ease  disgust.

Sunday was a very special day as Lane was baptized and dedicated at Blue jean church. Honestly, James and I had several discussions about what we thought this christening or baptism or dedication meant. It was a good time of discussion of our beliefs as a family and what we thought God was leading our family to do. James was raised Baptist, where babies are dedicated to the church. I was raised Presbyterian where I was christened or baptized as a child. We both as older children accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. James was then baptized at the age of 13, while I felt like the Lord led me to be baptized again at the age of 21. With Lane we knew we wanted to ask the body of believers where we go to church to hold us accountable to grow Lane in the Christian faith and help guide, pray, and nurture him in his faith journey.
We also believe that we are accepting on Lane's behalf  God's promise that He is a child of God, one of His own, brought with a price, claimed from the beginning of creation. We believe that when He is older he will make his own decision to accept Jesus personally as his Savior. We know God's love and pray that Lane will know it at an early age, will walk with Him, and be used for His glory.
This is one of my favorites from the day. Lane was about to have a come-a-part before it was time to stand up in the front, and Sam saved the day. He came and sat next to Lane and started whispering, and it seconds Lane was smiling and babbling. (I wonder what Sam said?!) 

James, Pal, Lane, and Pastor Sid--Lane did great! I thought he would scream the entire time, but shockingly he just kind of stared and took it all in. 

brunch at the house afterwards

Rossells and Tuckers, sweet friends 

Molly, Rich, and Lane (they look good with a baby!)

Logan, Lane, and Abbie (Lane is obsessed with Logan, whenever he is around he is in awe of him)

Garners and Lane (notice Lane and Sam, already typical boys)

with Osborn grandparents

my buddy

he was very over taking pictures at this point

with Aunt Caroline

with Pie and Pal

Whew! Did you make it all the way?! 


Angie said...

What a super post and I could eat Lane up!! Such a beautiful little boy!!!

Caroline Bobo said...

Ya'll had such a fun time dove hunting and hanging out!! Absolutely love Lane's Carhart overalls!!super cute! So glad I could be there for his baptism and agree as his sister in Christ to help bring him up knowing his Lord and Savior!! The brunch was a success! Awesome food and your house looked great!

Leighton said...

Such a wonderful post!!!! And such a beautiful family!

Lindsay said...

Those carharts are the cutest thing ever!! (and so is Lane!) I cant think about infant baptism without crying, it's such a awesome blessing to parents and children who need grace from a faithful God. Congratulations to all of you!