Introducing Ford, my new nephew

Donald MacDonald Russell IV
7 pounds 12 ounces, 21 inches long
son of Mac and Lacey Russell
Oh my goodness, so sweet!! 

Here is a quick recap of his birth story from Aunt Ra Ra's perspective:
Lacey went in to labor early Friday morning, but didn't officially get admitted into the hospital until late Friday evening, so we had some time to kill in Birmingham. Now that I live in a small town, "big city" visits are jam packed with visiting our favorite spots. So while Lacey was being a champ in labor, we went to Bottega for dinner. I decided I like this side of having a baby a little better. 
Jana and I at dinner
 Friday night was spent close by the phone, checking for texts from mom, who stayed at the hospital. At around 5:15 am, mom said she was 6 cm, to come on! 

Lovey and Lacey before he made his entrance

We were anxiously waiting his arrival!!
Pal and Lane

Then Mac came in to say, he was here (9:08 am). He said they were both doing great!

Love this picture, proud papa

Explaining something? I can only imagine!

Aunt Jana, the baby whisperer
This picture makes me laugh bc right then Mac came back to say we could head back to meet Ford. I bolted and left Jana holding Lane, so I might have gotten to meet Ford first.Oops!

Lacey and Ford, she looked amazing and did great!

oh, I could eat him up!! I think he looks like Mac (and he has strawberry blonde fuzz!)

meeting Pie

 and Pal

and Aunt Ra Ra

three generations of Donald MacDonalds

so happy!

James then brought Lane in to meet his new cousin:

not so sure about this
closer look
ok, I like him!

We love you already Ford! 


The Jennings said...

Yay for Baby Ford! Loved sweet Lane's baptism pictures! And LOVE the billboard! I would definitely choose y'all to be my family's dentists!

Caroline Bobo said...

So happy for Mac and Lacey! She really looks awesome after labor :) Ford is a little cutie and great to see Mac soo happy as a Daddy!