Boston and Baa haa ba as Northern Folks say

For Labor day weekend, we headed up the Eastern coast to Boston and Bar Harbor, Maine. We met Maggie and Mitchell for a little New England getaway. We had a wonderful time...best weather ever!! Highs in the 70's sunny and a slight breeze....We knocked something off James's bucket list...Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway park. We explored Boston by bike (which by the way I realized I am not very good at) and ate lots of lobster in Maine (well some of us as baby Lee Lewis does not care for it). We rode  the Downeast train, hiked in Acadia National Park, saw a working lighthouse, and ate some more. Can you tell we Osborn's like to eat a lot on vacation? The Lewis' were great travel companions and we will definitely do it again with the baby boys next year!! Here are some highlights:

sadly, the Red Sox lost, but we still had a good time

biking around Boston (before my pants got caught in the chains and were ripped, I told you I was a good bike rider)

 Saturday we trained to Portland Maine, picked up a rental car and drove along the coast. This is suppose to have the BEST Lobster Roll in all of Maine. So we stopped to give it a try....
see that line? well we waited for about 30 minutes and it did not move..so we tried the joint across the street

bc baby Lee Lewis was hungry! (for the record his name is not necessarily Lee Lewis, but I think it has a nice ring to it, so this is what I call him, they are not telling his name until he is born)

we only had to wait 15 minutes here

to eat this deliciousness!!

We continued on to Bar Harbor:

 Sunday was spent hiking and enjoying Acadia National Park: 

contemplating life :)

great view with great friends


lunch at The Jordan Pond House (my sister Jana worked here one summer in college)

view at lunch, perfect weather



over pictures

and my personal favorite, Maggie trying Lobster (notice how happy she was about this!) 

Hope ya'll had a great Labor Day!


The Allen Family said...

looks like such a fun trip! beautiful scenery... i'm ready for that kind of weather here :) maggie looks beautiful... when is she due?

The Allen Family said...

(you look beautiful too btw... just not pregnant right now) :)

Caroline Bobo said...

Wonderful wonderful!! So glad ya'll had great weather! Good job documenting! Loving the Maggie belly pics :) Proud she tried Lobster!! Yall look great..can't wait to hear the bike/pants story!!

Steven said...

Y'all went hiking.....I thought you were retired?

Angie said...

Y'all are quite the travelers! How much fun!!! Maggie is the cutest pregnant girl ever!!

Rayne said...

Thanks for the comments...Maggie is due Christmas Eve Layne! and yes, she is the cutest pregnant lady--All bump the way you want to be:) and Steven-- I still will hike as long as it is not to an overnight camping destination!! You would have been proud we hiked for awhile...